Get to know new features and SnapChat new design after its biggest update ever

29 نوفمبر, 2017

Biggest Snapchat update ever

Snapchat desgin

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Snapchat biggest update will appear to users starting from next week.

The new design focuses on making the content much simpler and separated.

Friends related content including stories will be brought to the left of the camera.

While the right side of the camera will be devoted to “Discover” section which in turn will contain posts from verified channels and accounts.

screen shot 2017 11 29 at 94055 am - مدونة التقنية العربية

Also, public content will be added from featured accounts (it will depend on Snapchat developers’ choices) to Discover section.

We don’t know now how featured accounts are selected, but a snapchat official said that the decision is to boost public figures on the platform, as it is on Youtube.

Regarding showing the content in Friends tab, at its top stories and unread messages. At the end, friends will be arranged according to your interaction with them.

All information regarding personal profile including the yellow “snapcode” in chat conversations with your friends.

Regarding content arrangement in Discover section, at the top there will be your subscribed channels, after which any content you prefer.

Also, the App will reactivate automatic story playing feature which was turned off from last year.

Also, access to “snap maps” will be reached by minimizing gesture in camera window, but you will find them in personal profile of friends too.

The App will still open to the camera. Moreover, snapchat will activate a policy to gain money from posts in 2023.

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